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Die Hütte - Ein Wochenende mit Gott (2017)

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A grieving man receives a mysterious, personal invitation to meet with God at a place called "The Shack."

T2 Trainspotting (2017)

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After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton returns to Scotland and reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie.

Away (2017)

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A story set in the north English seaside town of Blackpool and centered on two kindred spirits who form an unlikely friendship.

One Step Beyond (2017)

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Produced at the same time as the more well-known Twilight Zone, this series fed the nation's growing...

Absurd Accident (2017)

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Bouncing with nail-biting suspense and ingenious humor, young Chinese filmmaker Li Yuhe's feature debut...

Drone (2017)

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Ideologies collide with fatal results when a military drone contractor meets an enigmatic Pakistani businessman.

Berlin Syndrom (2017)

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A passionate holiday romance leads to an obsessive relationship, when an Australian photojournalist wakes one morning in a Berlin apartment and is unable to leave.

Damagers 2 (2017)

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A law school graduate becomes the protégée of a successful high-stakes litigator.

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King (2017)

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In his first stand-up special, Hasan Minhaj weaves humorous and heartbreaking anecdotes to tell his life story as an Indian-American Muslim. Topics include racism, bullying and meeting the demanding expectations of his immigrant parents.

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide (2017)

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Chris Gethard,

David Lynch: The Art Life (2017)

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Artist and filmmaker

Mein Leben als Zucchini (2017)

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After losing his mother, a young boy is sent to a foster home with other orphans his age where he begins to learn the meaning of trust and true love.

Eat Local (2017)

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In a quiet countryside farmhouse, Britain's vampires gather for their once-every-fifty-years meeting...

Lady Bug (2017)

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A chemically dependent woman loses control of her life. Willing to do anything to get to her children in a far off city. She stows away on a private boat only to find herself face to face with a homicidal maniac.

Xibalba; The curse of the mayans (2017)

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Dr. Alan Green an American Archelogist leads Danielle Noble an her team of cave divers on an expedition searching the Mayan ancient records. Instead of finding glory they will find hell hidden in the underwater caves of Xibalba.

Grave (2017)

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When a young vegetarian undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vetGarance Marillier portrays the teenaged Justine, who commences her studies at veterinary school to follow in her family members’ footsteps. Raised as a vegetarian, Justine is pressured at school to .school, an unbidden taste for meat begins to grow in her.

Mamaboy (2017)

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A high school student must hide the fact that he has become pregnant from his family, friends and the school faculty!

Danger Close (2017)

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Freelance female war reporter Alex Quade covers U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) on highly classified combat missions...

Alien Domicile (2017)

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After decades of conspiracy theories and shrouding secrecy, the CIA finally acknowledged the existence of Area 51...

Alien: Covenant (2017)

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The crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet, discover an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination, and must attempt a harrowing escape.

STAR [Space Traveling Alien Reject] (2017)

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Greg Vincent is a struggling, alcoholic writer who has suffered a terrible loss in his life and is looking for inspiration for his next story...

Unwanted (2017)

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A young couple happens upon an old house that has been on the market for a long time. Seeing a huge...

Sum1 (2017)

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An aggressive race of aliens took over Planet Earth and humanity's at its end, living in giant bunkers below ground. Young Military rookie S.U.M.1 (Iwan Rheon) is sent to the surface to save a group of unprotected survivors.

Lucas Brothers: On Drugs (2017)

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Deadpan twin comics Keith and Kenny Lucas take the stage in Brooklyn with a set that touches on drugs, race, Deion Sanders, teachers and O.J. Simpson.